New Look

I’ve been disappointed with MovableType recently, but the DOS attack by spammers on my blog this past week was the last straw. I added CAPTCHA, but that didn’t keep them away. (I should note that MT was smart enough to quarantine the spam comments so they never showed up.) My hosting company added a blocking mechanism (via my htaccess file), but by that point I had already decided to follow enjanerd‘s lead and move to WordPress. The blog needs some personalizing, but all the tech stuff is done: your rss feed should update seamlessly (right?) and permalinks still point to the right place.

And maybe a nicer blog will entice me to post more. (A guy can dream, right?)

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3 Responses to New Look

  1. enjanerd says:

    Worked perfectly. Got the new post in my RSS feed as usual.

    • mindless says:

      Glad the RSS feed is working. WordPress definitely did not stop the spam bots; the settings in htaccess did (for the most part). While my “posts” aren’t getting spammed, my one “page” (the Bookroll) is. Still trying to hunt down the issue there.

      Update: Of course, I can just disallow comments from my “pages” (duh). Hopefully now I can focus on customizing my blog!

  2. It’s a relief to find someone who can explain things so well

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