Taylor Mali, Don’t Watch Your Back

A few weeks ago, I attended an amazing wedding in Jackson Hole. The ceremony took place on the banks of the Snake River and the bride rode in on a horse-drawn carriage. What impressed me even further is that the couple chose excerpts from A.A. Milne and Taylor Mali as poetry readings; I’m big fans of both authors.

The Mali excerpt was from “How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog,” a very clever poem that I hadn’t heard before. (Word to the wise, the rest of this post won’t make sense unless you click that youtube link.)

Needing something clever myself for an entry in the guestbook, I thought I would try my hand at Mali’s analogy with a slight twist:

How Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Cat
A. Strauss

One day, unexpectedly, Love shows up on your doorstep ready to be a life partner.

Circumstances may be trying, but Love always lands on its feet.

Push the wrong buttons and Love scratches. But one caress behind the ears, and the claws retract.

Sometimes Love needs to be alone. And sometimes it jumps on you from above — Love is full of surprises.

Most importantly, Love always finds its way home.

Happy Marriage, Libby & Dave!

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