Cherish/Perish, Askew/Review

David Rakoff‘s posthumous novel — Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish — came out this month. Here’s my review, in the style of Rakoff’s wonderful rhyming couplets. (Of course his are better; but don’t take my word for it — check it out yourself.)

The late David Rakoff wrote a novel, set it to verse
And surprisingly the story starts off with a curse
I didn’t expect the plot to involve superstition
In a book that focuses on the real life perdition
No subject taboo, no stone left unturned
The generosity and evil of characters is burned
In your mind as you attempt to digest this work
The rhymes just become an flavorful perk
His most overused word is the adjective convivial
and is invariably paired with its sibling, “trivial”
Ironic because the material is definitely not —
Though detailing why would spoil the plot
So just buy a book for a friend or yourself
The non-Kindle version — it looks great on the shelf
The only danger is that you’ll start to speak
in couplets, rhyming right out of your beak
Honor dear Rakoff, who left us too soon,
By reading Cherish/Perish: it helps heal the wound.

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