Under the Steam

Jackie and I just finished participating in the MIT Mystery Hunt, and had a blast as always. The title was “20,000 Puzzles under the Sea” (plus or minus 20,000 puzzles), complete with a steampunk theme. Puzzles will likely be available to all in a couple days.

One of the puzzles was Ariel’s Scavenger Hunt, where we had to find items for Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Bonus points if the items worked under water and if they were steam punk themed. So, for the category of “wooing the prince” — and given Ariel’s penchant for underwater singing — we teamed up with fellow PuzzFeeder Kim to deliver the following song to Ariel.

Under the Steam
The gadgets are always shiny
On somebody else’s sub
You dream about going down there
But whether to – there’s the rub
Just look at the world around me
Get rid of your rusty junk
Our tech is the classic style
So join me and turn steam punk!

Under the steam
Under the steam
Never grow weary
Down where it’s gear-y
Cuz that’s the theme.

In this Victorian paradise
Love, nuts and bolts — they fit so nice
We’ll be romancing
Kissing and dancing
Turn up the steam.

Under the steam
Under the steam
Love is the query
Down where it’s gear-y
Now it’s a meme!

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